Piano Lesson ピアノレッスン 

I really enjoy going to the piano lesson every week! I always have so much fun there!
I love playing the piano with my piano teacher.
Both my daughters love their teacher and look forward to going to the piano lessons every week. They are practicing the piano happily and voluntarily everyday.  I am also very appreciative of their teacher accommodating lessons for my children to learn at their own pace.


Updated 2016 December.

ALL PIANO LESSONS ARE at Momo’s HOME STUDIO IN WOOLLOONGBBA in 2017 except Holy Family Primary School Students.


piano lessons are at  my home in Woolloongabba.

Spaces available for new students.


I am a current Blue Card holder.

Lessons are all $38 per lessons and payments are by term only.

Lessons can be taught in Japanese or English.  日本語でのピアノレッスンが可能です。お問い合わせは 0403988366 日本語でどうぞ。

My lessons are interactive, I use rhythm cards to learn basic rhythm and note reading. I  use text books which are suitable for each student.  I carefully chose the materials especially for non beginners because I know how boring it can be to practice the songs that we do not want to be playing for years and years.  Having said that, basic technique is very important so I ensure all my students have this basis, in order for them to be able to work on the different music they want to.  It can be writing a song of your own,  it can be a song you heard on TV, it can be a pop music or classical tunes.

I do accompaniment for exams and performance as well.  E-mail  momo.hamada05@gmail.com    0403988366

My back ground:

Momo Hamada, originally from Nara, Japan is a passionate performer and teacher currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Music has been part of Momo’s life from the beginning, having started piano lessons when she was 3 years old. Momo is a graduate of Osaka College of Music where she studied classical piano performance under Michiya Otake and Osaka School of Music where she studied popular music performance with Mutsuhito Murakami.

Momo is active as a performer in Australia and Japan and collaborated on projects, BrisFest Nara and in 2011 organised a massed benefit concert in Brisbane for the victims of the Tohoku Tsunami. Momo has been an active singer all her life and has toured with, directed, accompanied and sung in choirs. Passionate about passing on Japan’s traditional culture to the next generation, Momo has spent many hours visiting elders in remote villages in South Nara learning traditional nursery rhymes called warabeuta. She runs workshops teaching these to Japanese and western children throughout Australia.

Momo currently teaches piano and early childhood music class in Japanese at Browning Street Studios and at home,  and performs as a solo artist, momo.


2 thoughts on “Piano Lesson ピアノレッスン 

  1. Dear Momosan,
    please let me know if you have space for piano class for my daughter who is 5.

    thank you .
    Serene Loy

    1. Hello, Serene. Thank you for the comment. Depending on the time and day but there is also a waiting list. Could you please call on 0403988366, Thank you.

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