EARTH DAY in GC 2017

Momo will be performing at EARTH DAY in GC at Nerang Country Paradise on 22nd April.

It would be nice to see you there 🙂





This week Friday is the due for current students to book and pay for next term!

Here we have finally choir back again.

This is something that I held in my heart all the time and it did start 6 years ago but for multiple reasons, it wen to a long break and I have learned, imagined, dreamed and it is time to make it happen.

So the choir will be on Tuesday 4:00 to 5:00 on Tuedays at my home studio. We will be learning rhythm patterns, reading notes, clapping to the rhythms ( Older students will be helping me doing percussion as well as singing) , singing in different languages ( Not just Japanese and English but Chinese, Korean, Russian and more)  We will sit down and work with breathing as well.   It is a space for community, every child  is accepted as they are, ( whether they have learning difficulties or behaviour issues) caring, loving and safe environment to learn music and sing with some friends.



Over the last couple of years of teaching private piano students and meeting wonderful families, I have always taken steps to become a better teacher, better communicator and a mother as well.   Along the path, I did make mistakes and still learning but I now feel that I have more things to offer to my community than I thought I can.

The choir is something that is very special to me.  I was a member of one from grade 5 to my high school age.  The choir was not a MAIN STREAM choir that you’d imagine.   We sang at the bottom of the big Buddha in Todaiji Temple, we have played with famous musicians as well as parents musicians on huge concert halls to small community events, churches, temples and teacher’s studio.   Have been on TV, toured to a country where I end up ( yes), collected true folk songs/nursery rhymes from elders in villages in Nara, summer camps, winter camps, we learned so much more than just music.

Almost everyday, I look back and think those days were so precious and because I had all that amazing experience and kept going with the music, I am where I am now.  And yes, there were times I did not care about nursery rhymes but listen to Northern Soul ( I still love ) or stopped the piano lessons etc ( this is another long story!)

I would like to give opportunities to more children.  and still be a mother I want to be.

So here I come.   Choir, you do not need to own an instrument but bring your water bottle and a folder to put music in.  Forget about hardships in your life,   ( Could come after doing homework 🙂 )  come and learn some music and sing with me.    My arms are open.

Registration is not on.  $200 for the term.

Tuesdays 4:00 to 5:00  My home studio in Woolloongabba.

Please contact me at 0403988366