My latest phrases that are stuck in my head are

” Be outstanding at work ”   and “more than anything I am a mother”.

Lots of thinking over the last month or so now.

What is the roll of mother.    What is the roll of my work.

I take mothering/educating seriously. In fact and my back ground is to with  a lot of children around me even before having my own son.     The reason I ended up as a solo parent is not a story to be shared here right now but I do have my words.

All I can do is really to try to be ” outstanding at work” because my work is the source of our food but the work I really do love that I would do if there was next life again.    It feeds my son and myself, and being a mother, I would like to share some ideas and listen to other mothers especially and possibly help them when they need some help.   Without being judgemental.



Rare photo of my son and myself ( because I am usually taking photos of him).   Perfect photo of him looking down for the privacy 🙂      ( I have the version he is looking at the camera) .

This is part of me        en














PIANO DAY 2016 approaching.    28.3.2016


If you are not aware of PIANO DAY, have a read here

This year, I am organising an intimate gathering to celebrate the PIANO DAY 2016 in Brisbane.

Another local Pianist/Composer Alistair Noble is a guest performer and he will be performing as well as myself at a home studio. ( address will be sent to after the booking is done)

$20 per person.       (include vegan finger food and some tea – bring your favourite cup)

As Nils says “Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But mostly, because it doesn’t hurt”   🙂

Hope you can come.



Studio growing

“A half hour lesson includes piano technique, music reading and musicality. She encourages her students to listen carefully, attend to detail and maintain good posture, but also to relax, enjoy their music-making and celebrate their little successes”  By Vincent’s father, Matthew.

“Momo’s piano lessons are very enjoyable for my daughter. During the lessons Momo uses magnets, activity books and rhythm cards to make learning fun. The stickers and stamps as rewards work a treat for my daughter and she can’t wait to learn a song or finish her homework so she can get them. Thank you Momo for creating such an entertaining experience for my daughter. ”   By  Adela’s mother, Anca.

Thank you so much.