Video “sea of pain”

DSC_0083In between teaching and mothering, I have been busy creating music, singing, piano playing, recording it and recently even had a video shoot for one of my newest piece  ”  sea of pain”.     Here is the link

Last Sunday of the last term was the biggest day for all my students, the end of the year concert.     Each of them worked so hard and their parents supported the learning in a very positive way and there were so many moments it made me cry towards the concert.   I was under the pressure for the recording project on top of getting all my students ready to perform.     But it was all fine, I did not need to stress, parents offered me to help to do the door, supervising children, students and my son did MC ( What a great idea, Sachie sensei, thank you! ) hold the music ( air con was strong!) , video taping, playing the guitar and my son played the bongo for when we all sang ” we are the world”.     It was such a wonderful time and when we went home, had lunch and it was already time to go to my son’s drum recital.   It was so wonderful to see my son’s progress.  His father took the video, was convinced to buy another part of the drum set without my son asking him for it so my son must have done great.   So glad we kept going even though from time to time, getting to the lesson was quite challenging.

Anyway, enjoy the video.



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