Performance at GOMA

One of the school mother told me about this and I registered myself to play the amazing steinway concert piano/art work

by Parekowhai, He Kōrero Pūrākau mo Te Awanui o Te Motu: story of a New Zealand river.  

What an honour to be playing such a special art work in one of my favourite places in Brisbane, GOMA.    Another opportunity to play this piano for me is 21 of June.

I will be playing my own tune and improvisation the rest.  Anyone looking for a music for a film project or art project, please come along to hear what I compose.   I would love to work with non musicians as well.


Photo by Yukiko Kuno


Performence at QAG

Nozomi Omote, Amazing percussionist and I had a performance at QAG on Valentine’s day.


Nozomi on Glockenspiel and Okarina.   Momo on Melodica.

Mostly we played Japanese songs including furusato( home country) which reminds me of my primary school back in Japan somehow.

This was part of Valentine’s busk and with all the other performers, we made a world record!   Thanks for all to come and see and support us.

Photo by Yuki Crowford