A week in Melbourne


Arrived safely and ventured to the town to check out the venue, KILNFOLK 

I talked about the place in the previous blog,( maybe about 3 years ago? )  how amazing this place sounded like and I was introduced to the place and the owner, Jarrod through friends and friends without me mentioning the place.    Journey and destiny.

IMAG3004 (1)

Lili and Ollie working and playing hard, making signs, preparing the warabeuta workshop.


Natural talent of being a teacher, Lili.

We decided they would perform with me after a couple of rehearsal.   They were more keen to rehearse more than me..

IMAG3043 (1)

One of my favorite florist in Australia, Cecilia Fox

After having a breakfast with lovely Bree of Mr Kitly and the staff there, Karlee.

IMAG3080 (1)

 With the flowers from Cecilia Fox and the flowers it was there at KINFOLK, I prettied up the venue.

Some tea light candles were places between flowers.

 IMAG3094 (1)

 The venue was filled with lovely people!

IMAG3071 (1)

Kids working hard at the door.

IMAG3068 (1)

Small flower bed in the city.

IMAG3109 (1)

My son, sitting still while Braxton plays cello.

                        IMAG3110 (1)

Unfortunately I was performing while Lili and Ollie performed with me

so no photos yet but this is the after show photo.

Got teary in many times that day.

                  Then we had one more important task to do.

IMAG2988 (1)


IMAG3027 (1)


How to make Koji and Miso


IMAG3144 (1)

Using our hands to it becomes our own miso

IMAG3148 (1)

Hands-on is the only way for me to teach.

Texture, smell, feel, listen, watch.

All senses.


After warabeuta workshop and gig on saturday,

two miso/koji making workshop on sunday,

Lili and Ollie were happy to climb the tree at Convent.

Run around and roll on the grass.

Yes, I rolled on the grass as well.

IMAG2991 (1)

So feeling loved and back in Brisbane.

Before on our return, huge challenge came up which I was not ready but I think I am handling it ok.

I do like challenges in a way.

For now, I would like to thank my son, Oliver so much for helping me, coming to Melbourne with me,

performing with me, supporting me in many ways, cheering me and being my son.

Braxton Neate, Kelly, Lili, Ryuji, Kana, Haruka, yujin, Russel and all her friends who helped me, Natasha, Jasper, Jarrod, Citizen cacao, all the participants for the workshops, kayoko and akira, Chantelle Neate, Bree, Karlee, Tetsuta, Chako and Ringoro ( will talk about them later) , Luke, Catie from the staple store  and everyone (including Owen Hosking) in Brisbane to have encouraged me to go.   Friends and families we did not get to see, we are sorry but we will be back soon.

IMAG3074 (1)



Back in Brisbane, remembering the days in Melbroune, I found some white Dhalia to pretty up my

lounge room.    Yes, I come from flower shop/landscape design family and love flowers and gardens.

  Getting back to our routine now, contacting students for the new term, cleaning up some things, organising the rooms, dreaming about trip to Japan, possibilities and living this moment.

Realising I wanted to travel with my son one day, playing the piano.

ticked.   quite emotional.

thank you so much everyone.